Specialized Services

Specialized Services

  • Clinical Services Program
  • Complex Support Coordination
  • Justice Program
  • Specialized Case Management
  • OPR Coordination

Clinical Services Program

The Specialized Services Program offers a variety of services that that encompasses both clinical and specialized supports. We can assist individuals with accessing clinical assessments, behaviour therapy, speech language services, psychiatric consultation, occupational therapy and a variety of other specialized treatments and supports.

Our Justice Program, our Complex Support Coordination Program, and our Specialized Case Management Programs all offer specialized case coordination and case management.

The Clinical Services Program is available to individuals with a developmental disability who reside in the Sudbury and Manitoulin districts. All referrals for our Clinical Services Programs must made be through Developmental Services Ontario at 1-855-376-6673


  • Behaviour Therapy
  • DSO Eligibility Testing
  • Occupational And Speech Therapy
  • Psychiatric Consultation

Behaviour Therapy

Behaviour Therapy and Social Work services are available to individuals with a diagnosed developmental disability living in the Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts. Our agency contracts with service providers and clinicians who are:

  • Registered Board Certified Behaviour Analysts
  • Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts
  • Accredited Registered Social Workers

We can assist individuals who require support with past trauma, grief, anger or unexpected life transitions.

DSO Eligibility Testing

Our Clinical Service Program works in partnership with Developmental Services Ontario to offer psychological testing for developmental services eligibility. Requests for eligibility testing must be initiated by contacting Developmental Services Ontario at 1-855-376-6673

Occupational And Speech Therapy

Occupational and Speech Therapy programs are offered in partnership with our regional service providers through Hands the Family Help Network. Although the Sudbury Community Service Centre does not have local service providers to offer these therapies, we are able to connect individuals directly to these services. All referrals for either Speech or Occupational Therapy must be made by contacting Developmental Services Ontario at 1-855-376-6673

Psychiatric Consultation

Our Psychiatric Clinic is available to individuals with a developmental disability who require a psychiatric consultation for stabilization. Individuals wishing to access our clinic must be referred through Developmental Services Ontario (1-855-376-6673) and cannot be a current patient of another psychiatrist.

Complex Support Coordination

The Complex Support Coordination Program was established to support developmentally challenged individuals who require intensive case management for protection, advocacy, and stabilization. Individuals who are referred to this program often require systemic service coordination to avoid a crisis from occurring.

This program has been developed in partnership with Hands the Family Help Network and the North Community Network of Specialized Care.

Referrals for this program are initiated by contacting the Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) Northern Region office at 1-855-376-6673.

Justice Program

The Justice Program provides court support, advocacy and education to individuals with either a suspected or confirmed developmental disability who have been charged with a criminal offence. Our Justice Case Managers work in conjunction with organizations such as:

We also work with many other community programs and service providers to ensure individuals receive the support, treatment or therapy they require to improve their overall wellbeing.

Specialized Case Management

Our Specialized Case Management program assists and supports developmental service clients who require Urgent Response or Multi-Year Residential Planning. Our Specialized Case Manager works in conjunction with the Sudbury Manitoulin Local Service System Planning Table to coordinate and develop transition plans and budgets for individuals who require residential placement solutions.

All referrals to this program come from the Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) 1-855-376-6673

OPR Coordination

When Ministry funded developmental services providers do not have the capacity to provide residential placement or care for individuals with a developmental disability, a privately owned developmental service provider may be contracted to provide a residential placement. Our program provides oversight to ensure these private residential providers meet or exceed the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services quality assurance expectations and standards.

Outside Paid Resources are only utilized when no other MCCSS funded developmental service provider is able to accommodate the individual’s needs.

FAQ's - Specialized Services

Referrals for all our Specialized Services, except for our Justice Program, must be made through Developmental Services Ontario. You can contact DSO at 1-855-376-6673 to inquire about a referral.

You can call our office directly at 705-560-0430. Our receptionist will take down your contact information and one of our Justice Program case managers will contact you.

No, you do not. You can refer yourself by calling our office at 705-560-0430 and providing your information to our receptionist.

Yes, you can. Our Justice Program does not require that you have a confirmed developmental disability. We can also help you with applying to Developmental Services Ontario and, if necessary, help you with coordinating a DSO eligibility assessment.

Wait times can vary depending upon the type of clinical service you require. We will complete an intake with you shortly after we receive your referral from Developmental Services Ontario and let you know if there is a waitlist. We may also be able to offer alternatives such as group programs that may be available to you sooner.