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Why a budget is important

Before I decided to implement a budget, my finances were in a horrible mess. I owed money to various credit cards and had no idea what the balances were or even what the minimum payments were. I skipped payments and fell behind on almost every bill I had except for rent. I had a vague idea about how much money I was bringing in monthly and I had no plan for the following week let alone the future.

Having a budget keeps you on track with everything financial and allows you to work out a plan for your money. You can plan for groceries next week or a vacation you want to take next year ......
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Budgeting for Beginners

In my opinion, a budget is the cornerstone to achieving all your financial goals. I know it can sometimes come across as a dirty word that no one wants to think about, but trust me; it is the key to your financial survival. Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck on a very low income or you have extra money left over after all the bills are paid, you need a budget.

But where do you start?

Forget past blunders and failed attempts to set up a budget. Discard them just like last year’s resolutions that have fallen to the way side. Budgeting is a path to freedom that will ......
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12 Ideas for Christmas

We’ve all heard of the 12 Days of Christmas right? But who here needs all those animals and people taking over their homes during an already busy and stressful season. I’m here to give you 12 solid ideas on how to cut your holiday spending and make Christmas a little easier on the pocketbook.

1. Set a spending cap
Having a budget for the holiday season and sticking to it is really the best advice I can give you. How many times have you gone over the budget while buying gifts for friends and family? How many times have you gone shopping with no set limit? Setting a limit to the ......
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14 Ways to Save Money While Shopping

Having three young children of my own I know how expensive it can get to buy groceries and clothes. My little ones are only 11 years old and younger, but I can already see the grocery bills going up and the clothing expenses starting to climb. It didn’t take my wife and I long to start to figure out and take advantage of sale cycles and discounts wherever we could. Here are 14 different ways to save a little money while shopping for groceries and other household products.

Pay attention to sale cycles
Knowing when things go on sale seems to be a divine skill to some people. They j ......
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3 Problems that a budget can’t fix

My job is to teach budgeting on almost a daily basis. I believe the power of budgeting and rely on it to succeed. It’s a powerful tool and it can help you out of debt, save for a rainy day, or push you toward meeting any number of financial goals. It’s not magic, and requires a lot of effort and planning, but a successful budget can help anyone dealing with financial woes and money shortfalls. Talk to anyone who recently started a budget and they’ll tell you how effective it is and how much better their lives are for starting one.

It can’t fix everything unfortunately.

At t ......
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