Client Rights Statement

The Centre supports ensuring that all clients are informed of their rights to:

  • Review the content of their records,
  • Request correction of inaccurate information as an addendum to the original entry,
  • Complain and/or appeal when they consider decisions concerning them or services provided them to be unsatisfactory,
  • Be informed of their rights,
  • Have all information kept confidential except when the client has given a specific signed consent or when there is a legal requirement to release the information.
  • Request services in either French or English*

Complaints and Feedback Policy (All Programs)


The Sudbury Community Service Centre is committed to continuous quality improvement in service delivery and therefore welcomes feedback pertaining to programs. The following Complaints/Feedback Policy is intended to elicit feedback and to respond to complaints received by the Centre regarding its services and supports provided to persons with developmental disability, persons acting on their behalf, persons seeking credit counseling assistance and the general public.

Policy Distribution:

This policy and procedure is made available to all those who wish to submit a complaint or provide feedback. It is explained to all clients of the developmental services program, and annual reminders about the policy are given as a part of the Client Rights Statement renewal process. In addition, involved family members will be notified of the policy and procedure related to complaints/feedback . It is the responsibility of the involved APSW/Credit Counsellor to ensure clients understand the Feedback/Complaints Policy and procedure. Finally, members of the general public have the right to receive a copy of the Complaints/Feedback Policy and are invited to provide input.

Information Gathering and Analysis:

Complaints/feedback may be received by the Centre verbally, in writing, or utilizing an alternate form of communication that is comfortable for the person providing the information. All information gathered by the Centre related to complaints/feedback will undergo analysis by the Executive Director and appropriate program staff with a view to continuous quality improvement. The Executive Director is responsible for bringing identified issues of a policy nature to the Board of Directors as required. Program issues are the responsibility of the Executive Director and identified program staff. It is also the responsibility of the Executive Director to ensure that the review process is free of any coercion or intimidation of any parties involved at any time in the process.

Policy Guidelines:

All complaints/feedback will be taken seriously; therefore, all matters will be reviewed and investigated. If possible, Sudbury Community Service Center will make a reasonable effort to arrive at a mutually agreed on resolution between the person who made the complaint and the service agency. The resolution of the incident may not be to the satisfaction of the person to whom the complaint was launched or the person who made the complaint, but instead it is at the discretion of the Executive Director or Board of Directors. The investigator is not expected to resolve any complaints that are deemed to be frivolous or vexatious. If a complaint is found to be made out of malice and without merit there may be consequences, dependent on the severity, for the individual who made the complaint.

**Complaints that fall with MCSS Serious Occurrence directives will be handled utilizing the MCSS Serious Occurrence Reporting policies and procedures.