Passport Program

You no longer have to look for workers

We offer peace of mind by providing trained and supervised workers who are committed to meeting individual’s goals.  We also manage individual contracts and complete all required invoicing.

Why chose Sudbury Community Service Centre as a service provider?

Our Agency strives to build independence, recognize client choice and improve quality of life.  Our workers are highly trained individuals with experience working with adults with developmental disabilities.  We are a fully insured agency and ensure clear police checks to work with vulnerable individuals.

What can I do with my Passport funds?

You can use your Passport funds to pay for:

Education: This includes supports to participate, and fees for registering, in programs (i.e. camp fees, swimming lessons, literacy, computer or cooking classes, etc.)

Lifeskills: Passport funds can pay for workers to assist with activities of daily living that enhance independent living such as cooking, cleaning, menu planning, grocery shopping, and apartment maintenance.

Social activities and recreational programs: Participate in community events and organized activities throughout the community such as concerts, paint socials, gym memberships, attend plays, and special Olympics, etc.

Volunteer Activities: This means any support needed to participate in community activities and events, like transportation costs and having a worker to help your volunteerism.

Socialization: Building friendships/relationships with others in the community.

If you are in receipt of passport funds please contact the Sudbury Community Service Centre at (705) 560-0430 Ext. 241 for more information.

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