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We are ready to help you through financial uncertainty. Find out how we are supporting you with free volunteer income tax filing, navigation of the new COVID-19 benefits, help with dealing with your lending institutions, and free confidential credit counselling advice.
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Credit Counselling Sudbury, a division of Sudbury Community Service Centre Inc. provides free, non-biased, confidential counselling and debt management services to any interested persons residing within the Greater Sudbury Area as well as the Espanola and Parry Sound areas. Our professional counsellors will complete a detailed financial assessment with you, and will help to identify all possible solutions to your financial problems. There is life after debt!

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We Can Assist You By

  • Lowering your monthly payments!
  • Arrange to waive or reduce interest!
  • Arrange one low monthly payment!
  • Negotiating with a creditor on your behalf, in order to resolve a conflict.
  • Helping you to improve your money management and budgeting skills
  • Identifying solutions and related implications as well as informing you of your rights so that you can confidently proceed with actions on your own

In each circumstance, we can help to explain what rights you and your creditors have and what the implications will be to you. We will then give you any needed assistance to help you reach your goals and resolve your debt and money management issues. Our services are confidential!

How To Get Started

The first step is to come in for a free, no obligation, confidential appointment which will take approximately one hour.

A professional credit counsellor will sit down with you and work out a detailed financial assessment looking at your income, expenses, assets and debts.

Once your financial situation has been reviewed, the counsellor will discuss the financial options available to you and the implications each option will have. The next step is to choose the best solution based upon your goals.


1) Debt Repayment Program

This program is designed for people who cannot realistically afford to pay their creditors the required monthly payments. We will negotiate with your creditors and attempt to arrange for your payments to be reduced to meet your ability to pay. Our goal is to have your debts repaid in five years or less. Many creditors will help you to achieve this goal by reducing or eliminating your interest and accepting lower payments every month.

You will be asked to make one payment to the Centre and we will disburse the money on your behalf, directly to your creditors. Creditor support for this program is very high as they believe in our assessment skills and know that our debt repayment programs work well for the client, the creditor and the community as a whole.

The end result is that you are able to pay your creditors back, you do not have to declare bankruptcy and you will have enough money to adequately cover all of your necessary living expenses. Clients report that their stress levels drop dramatically after entering a repayment program and that their sense of well being is restored.

2) Help To Resolve Creditor Problems

Your counsellor can contact a creditor you are experiencing problems to negotiate a successful resolution on your behalf.

3) Money Management / Budget Counselling

No one is born with the ability to manage money effectively. Managing money is a skill. Like most skills, it requires learning and practice. If required, your counsellor will assist you in:

• planning for the future
• setting financial goals
• developing a realistic budget
• developing a savings plan
• developing a means of tracking where all your money goes
• learning how to use credit wisely

This entire process is very individualized and based upon your needs and goals.

4) Other Solutions

If the above programs do not resolve your problems, we will help you to identify other possible solutions that are available to you.