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We are ready to help you through financial uncertainty. Find out how we are supporting you with free volunteer income tax filing, navigation of the new COVID-19 benefits, help with dealing with your lending institutions, and free confidential credit counselling advice.
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Many heartfelt thanks for the information and tips on how to deal with harassing calls, it took away some of the stress.


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If people know there was a place like this, I believe it would help a lot of people fix their mistakes and help them get out of debt.


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The counselling lifted a great weight off my shoulders.


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My counsellor was very helpful and I was very comfortable with my counsellor. I never once felt intimidated or embarrassed.


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I definitely felt comfortable while in the office.


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Keep up the good work! I could not have survived another month and now I have a new perspective on finances.


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I will highly recommend this service to other people who may need similar help.


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I started to follow a suggested budget to pay off my debts.


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I was very comfortable with my counsellor and I was not afraid to share my personal and financial difficulties with my counsellor.