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We are ready to help you through financial uncertainty. Find out how we are supporting you with free volunteer income tax filing, navigation of the new COVID-19 benefits, help with dealing with your lending institutions, and free confidential credit counselling advice.
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customized solutions for your debt problems

Credit Counselling Sudbury, a division of Sudbury Community Service Centre Inc., is a non-profit, registered charitable organization. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that reflects the community we serve.

We have been providing practical assistance and guidance to people with debt and money management problems in the Greater Sudbury area since 1972.  Our services are available in both official languages for families and individuals from any age group, culture, or income level.

We are an accredited member of Credit Counselling Canada (CCC).

We can be reached in Sudbury at 1-705-560-0430 or 1-800-685-1521

Merits of Credit Counselling

Individuals and families in Ontario have the opportunity through Credit Counselling to resolve their debt and money management problems while at the same time reduce their stress dramatically, restore family unity, regain self esteem and establish a sense of well being.

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Over 50 Years Experience

Over 50 years of experience

2 Million People Helped

2 Million+ people helped

Financial Empowerment

Financial Empowerment

We can help you solve your financial problems! We have helped thousands of people in the Sudbury community get out of debt and on the road to financial freedom.

If Debt Is Your Problem?

If Debt Is Your Problem?

Credit Counselling Sudbury is your solution if debt is your problem. For over 40 years we've helped thousands of people get out and stay out of debt. And our services are free. There is life after debt. Contact Credit Counselling Sudbury.

Secrets For Getting Out Of Debt

Secrets For Getting Out Of Debt

At Credit Counselling Sudbury we've helped thousands of people who have found themselves in trouble with debt. Here are a few secrets for getting out of debt.


  • Are you putting bills off until the second notice?
  • Are you paying only the minimum due on your credit cards?
  • Do you and your spouse regularly argue over money?
  • Are you paying more than 20% of your take-home on debt repayment (not including your mortgage)?
  • Are you receiving disturbing telephone calls from creditors?
  • Do you feel that you could manage your money better but can never quite make ends meet?
  • Do you regularly take out cash advances on your credit card in order to pay for everyday living expenses?
  • Has your overall debt load been increasing over the years?
  • Do expenses like car repairs and Christmas gifts cause a financial crisis for you?
  • Are you feeling stressed out because of your financial situation?
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frequently asked questions

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What Are Your Business Hours And Office Location?

We are located at 1166 Roy Ave, Sudbury, ON P3A 3M6 and our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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Who Will Know I Have Gone To Credit Counselling?

No one will know you have been here unless you tell them. Our Service is discrete and fully confidential. Please see our PRIVACY POLICY for more information.

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How Does The Centre Make Money?

We are a non-profit, registered charitable organization. We are funded through donations from creditors (banks, finance companies, trust companies, credit unions, and retailers) as well as contributions from major industry located here in Sudbury.

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What Does It Cost?

There is no charge for you to get professional help in solving your debt or money management troubles through our individual counseling sessions. If you chose to start a Debt Management Program, and you can afford it, there may be a small fee built into your overall monthly payment.

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If I pay less money towards my debts through a DEBT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, how long will it take me to get out of debt?

Most creditors will give you a break once they hear you have an appointment with us. Creditors are very supportive of Credit Counselling Services and are very cooperative with us when attempting to resolve client problems. We are often able to arrange to have your interest waived which can help you get out of debt faster.

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Is it true that with a DEBT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM you will handle all of the payments to my creditors?

Yes. You make one agreed upon payment to us each month that we distribute on your behalf.

Credit Counselling Sudbury has partnered with education savings advocate SmartSAVER to offer a new online Canada Learning Bond application called Start My RESP. The Start My RESP application makes it easier for families to access this federal education money.

Applicants can apply to start an RESP with no fees and with no contribution required to access the CLB. This user-friendly application provides language support in five languages: Spanish, French, Mandarin, English, and Punjabi (with more languages to come).

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What People Are Saying


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Many heartfelt thanks for the information and tips on how to deal with harassing calls, it took away some of the stress.


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If people know there was a place like this, I believe it would help a lot of people fix their mistakes and help them get out of debt.


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The counselling lifted a great weight off my shoulders.


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My counsellor was very helpful and I was very comfortable with my counsellor. I never once felt intimidated or embarrassed.


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I definitely felt comfortable while in the office.


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Keep up the good work! I could not have survived another month and now I have a new perspective on finances.


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I will highly recommend this service to other people who may need similar help.


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I started to follow a suggested budget to pay off my debts.


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I was very comfortable with my counsellor and I was not afraid to share my personal and financial difficulties with my counsellor.