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Doing  cost effective easy and energy saving repairs, can help keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket. For example, programmable thermostats have come a long way in recent years and in some cases are even controllable via your smartphone. Reducing the temperature automatically can help save you realistically 6-10% on your heating costs by not heating empty or unused spaces.

If you have drafts, or windows that don’t seal fully, a bead of removable caulking can help keep the cold out, which in turn will require you to heat less.   Using insulating window cling can help keep the cold out if you have older, single pane windows.

Keep your furnace running at its peak performance by doing simple filter maintenance throughout the winter. A dirty filter means your furnace has to work harder to give the same benefit. A more free flowing filter increases efficiency. By doing these simple fixes you can work to reduce your winter energy bills while keeping you and your family warm.